We are Australian owned business delivering custom-built luxury caravans.
We have been in business for about 10 years, amassing over decade experience and stories about luxury vehicle is in our bloodlines.

We are your comprehensive solution for amussive travels. We at lagoon caravans provide you with custom built caravans (motorhomes) to give you a home after home feeling right on the road. Caravans are the perfect answer for your holiday and adventure road trips. Caravans can help you avoid expensive hotels and motels as it accommodates you with holistic home facilities attached to your transport. With years of manufacturing custom based caravans for variety of customers, lagoon caravans had made a place for itself as the trustable company for quality caravan delivery. Lagoon caravan has made its customers experience the best adventure on the road without missing the fun of being at home.

Lagoon caravans have delivered some of the best caravans in the world equipped with stylish furniture affordable prices, and have altered the way caravans provide luxury to the travelers. Whether you want to get way for the weekend or decided to move out for a long journey, caravan can make your simple journey an adventure. Our caravans are designed for great holidays with lavishly designed furniture that gives you a high quality on–the-go holiday home. Being the owner of a caravan can give you loads of benefits, you don’t have to book tickets, don’t have to schedule and don’t have to wait or set limits. Just ignite the engine and you have added luxury to your trip. If you want your holiday to be a lifelong memory and a new memory every time you holiday, then Lagoon Caravans are your ultimate asset for your holiday destination.


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Our brand new caravans

For your lavish lifestyle and pride

Buy now, our world class brand new caravans which are designed with top notch facilities, which no other caravans could offer. We have carefully design our caravans to suit our customer’s high standard life style and adapt to any kind of travel compliances. With our lavishly equipped caravans, you are certain to add value to your long trips.

Luxury caravans

Our Luxury Caravans are surprisingly affordable for most Australian’s and offer an existing comfort for your tours and long journeys. We manufacture a wide range of caravan models that characterizes our special niche of luxury and pride.

With our luxurious caravans, customers tend to realize that they don’t have to live in a five star hotel to get the five star feeling. When you purchase a luxury caravan, you are upgrading you high standard of living on an easy ground, with first-class comfort, reliability, convenience and durability. Buying a luxury caravan can get you the best facilities right at the back of your car. We are famous for our luxury finishing and craftsmanship in the caravan interior and employ both modern decor and traditional comfort that would win heart and would give your journey a smoothing touch.

So why buy a luxurious caravan?

  • The road is yours – lead your own way
  • Sleep safe and secure
  • Avoid expensive one hotels and motels; yet have a luxury ambiance right at the back of your car
  • Take it wherever you go – long nights, weekends, vacations, adventures, forest camps… you name it!!
  • Low parking rates yet five star stay
  • Sleep safe and secure
  • World of accessories that can make you feel right at home
  • An estate that can travel along with and protect you from all odds of environment

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