About us

A History of Creating High Quality, Caravanning Solutions

Lagoon Caravan has been providing customers with the best in high quality, comprehensive caravanning solutions for over a decade. During this time we have worked hard to assemble the best team in the business with the most knowledge and expertise related to caravanning. We have also focused on cementing our position within the industry for providing the highest quality, custom-built, and luxury caravans to our customers. With our comprehensive catalogue of caravans we can guarantee we will have something to fit your requirements. Whether you are simply after a home away from home, or the absolute best in luxury in caravanning style around, you will find it here at Lagoon Caravan.

We specialise in the following:

  • Caravan Manufacturing
  • Quality Luxurious Caravans
  • Custom Building

At Lagoon Caravan we follow the old adage, if you want something done right, then do it yourself. For this reason we decided to start manufacturing our own caravans. By making our own caravans we have the edge in our industry because we can listen to our customers and adjust the caravans we make accordingly. We believe in continuous improvement, and the high quality and standards of the caravans we offer reflect this.

Lagoon Caravan is known for creating some of the most high-quality, and luxurious caravans available on the market today. When youre looking for the best in luxury caravan travel, you should look no further than Lagoon Caravan. Our range of luxury caravans are equipped with some of the most stylish interiors and lavish, beautiful furniture that will make your home away from home an absolute joy to live in.

Although we stock some of the highest quality, most luxurious caravans available on the market today, we understand that some of our customers would prefer to travel in something a bit more unique, which is why we offer services in building custom made caravans. Working closely with you, a team of experts will determine your exact individual specifications and requirements. We will then use this information to create your dream caravan.

When you buy one of our caravans, travel will never be the same again. The world will become your place to explore on your own terms. We love the freedom of being able to go where we want, when we want, for as long as we want. We are dedicated to helping our customers feel the same freedom.

Contact us today to learn more about the huge range of caravans we offer, as well as to chat to one of our friendly professionals to find out which caravan is right for you.

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